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    Glutathione and Liposome Technology

    DD_logo_SponsorWhat you need to know – Glutathione

    We’ve been making our Liposomal Glutathione since 2004.Glutathione is a naturally occurring protein that is made by every cell in your body. It functions to:

    •     Neutralize and remove toxins
    •     Enhance immune function
    •     Protect the cells from free radicals that cause oxidation damage.

    To read more about the science behind our Liposomal Glutathione follow the “Research” link on our website: This section is reserved for healthcare professionals.

    Glutathione is the most abundant cellular antioxidant in oxygen-using cells. Alterations, including deficiencies in glutathione levels, have been found in several neurological conditions.

    Glutathione is also essential for the body’s detoxification process. It binds with toxins to form a water-soluble complex that can be excreted through the liver.

    Diminished levels of glutathione can lead to decreased efficiency in a number of body systems, including the immune cells designed to kill invading organisms. A wide range of health conditions are associated with low levels of glutathione.

    Through a unique process we place reduced glutathione into liposomes, liquid bubbles made from essential phospholipids, to ensure bioavailability.

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