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    Presented in both the US and UK, this presentation package is designed to explore the recent and significant growth in the interest of the mucosal immune system and its relationship to the commensal bacteria, viruses and other organisms. In part, driven largely by the human microbiome project, and also because the incidence of functional gastrointestinal problems is increasing in the population; with often indifferent results from conventional pharmaceutical focused strategies.


    At the conclusion of the series of presentations from 5 renowned practitioners  we will ensure you have tools and knowledge to asses, understand, improve and restore optimal gastrointestinal function using individualised applications of dietary, lifestyle, nutritional, botanical, and pharmaceutical treatments.


    For just £150 You’ll receive:

    5 x Presentations in Podcast format Which will cover the following:

    Understanding Gastrointestinal Permeability- Consequences and



    The Interplay between Mitochondria, Microbiome and related Metabolomics

    in human health


    The Gastrointestinal Metabolome and Innate Detoxification


    The Impact of the Gut Microbiome on the Brain


    GI Metabolome case histories, mechanisms & clinical applications
    Glutathione: Antioxidant, Detoxification and Immune Support*
    Oxidation stress and disease & clinical discussion*



    *coming soon

    4 x additional podcasts with extra information Rationale for Appropriate Sustained Support of Innate Detoxification


    Metabolomics, Bacteria and Clinical Care


    Innate Lymphoid Cells, What and Why?


    Historic Artefacts

    14 x Research Papers/Articles
    Slide Presentations from US and UK lectures Over 300 referenced slides

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